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Carina Barrios - Nervous (Official Music Video)

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Carina Barrios is a music recording artist from The United States. The New York/New Jersey pop singer just released her first song "Nervous" but has been gaining popularity for her cover videos on YouTube and releasing songs on Soundcloud. Along with releasing the track, Barrios premiered the music video.

Nervous is a song about a woman who feels she is losing the one she cares about so she's willing to go harder to not lose him. She knows what she wants and she's willing to work for it. She notes she willing for them to do things they've never done. He says nice, complimentary things about her but she gets the feeling that they aren't genuine and she notes how he still ignores her.

The music video, which was self directed and shot by TwentyTwoTime, premiered on October 14, 2022. It shows the rollercoaster ride of emotions people can go through when they're interested in someone. It starts at a small restaurant where Barrios is working in which she arranges for her potential partner to meet her at. After talking about her music she invites him to her upcoming show but later see a picture of him and another girl on his Instagram so she begins to distance herself. The second part of the video, where the music plays, is the show. She see the gentleman at the show who brings the girl in question and being straight forward she confronts him.


Quotable Lyrics

Boy you make me nervous

And now I'm gonna work it

Mind and body focused

I'm like boy I'm at your service, And you know it

Boy you make me nervous

What you do is working

And I'll fulfill my purpose

If you show me that I'm worth it


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Apr 01

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