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Breezy Love - Think Too Much (Official Music Video)

Breezy Love is a music recording artist from the United States. The jazz singer and songwriter from Chicago has been on other recording but is about to release her first album and her song "Think Too Much" was the first single from the album. She premiered the video for Think Too Much which was released a few days prior.

Think Too Much is a song playing from two perspectives on different perspectives on a carefree person. She describes someone who the public may feel acts abnormal or has abnormal tendencies, but they don't even realize it. The person is painted as someone who is disconnected from social norms and the chorus drives the point where she is the one who doesn't pay much attention to it where her friend is focused on it and is trying to steer her towards being "Normal".

The music video is a Beige Cashmere production and was directed by Anthony Celenie. It premiered on July 24, 2021 and a few shots; one has her get on a bus minding her business. This shot shows the difference between everyones interactions towards others and people's reaction towards their view of someone. Another shot is her in her room surround by self-conscious thoughts.


Quotable Lyrics

Maybe I come off too strong

Think too little 'bout thinking too much

My bestfriend advised I watch myself

Don't think too much you could hurt yourself


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