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Brea Scow - Beautiful

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Brea Scow is a music artist from the United States. The singer and songwriter from Minnesota has been releasing music since 2021 with her track "Patience". On May 6, 2022 Brea released her song "Beautiful".

Beautiful is a song about recognizing you a finally out of a dark place in your life. It would seem it is the immediate light at the end of the tunnel, the verbal and musical version of instant relief once you notices you are free from what was once plaguing you. In the song Brea documents what she is feeling at the moment of recognition. Along with the recognition it acts as a realization to avoid falling back.


Lyric Video


Quotable Lyrics

This feeling in my gut telling me to wait

To see what comes out of this happy mistake

Use every ounce of this joy that is placed

In my trail of this life and take all leaps of faith


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