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Ambulance - Review

Ambulance, directed by Michael Bay, is a car chase thriller. It stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Danny and Will Sharp, two brothers who steal an ambulance trying to avoid capture after a bank robbery had gone wrong. They find themselves holding Cam Thompson, played by Eiza González, an EMT who was trying to keep a wounded cop alive.


This was a movie I wanted to see and it did not disappoint. More and more I've become a fan of Gyllenhaal although I really need to catch up on his catalogue because I feel like a lot of his movies I never watched because I was wasn't into movies that much before. I also have come to like Yahya who has impressed me with his recent performances like his roles in Candyman and The Matrix. Everyone gave compelling performances and it really made you care about the stakes. It wasn't too over the top or to mellow where it wasn't believable. I was too captured by the story and everything that was going on to really look for critiques it just seemed like a really good movie.


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