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Amato Peace - What You Need

Updated: Mar 13

Amato Peace is a music recording artist from the United States. The hip hop performer and a songwriter from New York has been releasing music since 2017 with his album "Mindful". On January 16, 2023 Amato Peace released his track "What You Need".

What You Need is a song meant to open the eyes of the listeners to the important things in life after reflecting the impact of the 2020 coronavirus global pandemic. Amato Peace speaks to people needing to wake up and realize that we as humans are all on the same team. He starts out letting the audience know that he's here giving good life advice, tomorrow isn't promised. He follows up with his opposition to the divisiveness of human nature, continues his overall message of understanding how small somethings, like the differences between people, really are.

Before the release of the song, Amato Peace premiered the music video for the track on December15, 2022. It's noted that the video was shot in the summer of 2020; during the height of the initial wave of the covid-19 pandemic. This was when much of the United States was under a stay a home order which cause a lot of families and loved ones to stay separated. This brings home the idea of the lessons Amato Peace is trying to speak to; the idea that once you are put in this situation you realize what is important. The video is broken down into a few sections; the main section has Amato Peace starting the video wearing a Hazmat suit and as the video progresses he is removing it piece by piece. This is symbolic to him and humanity getting passed covid-19.


Music Video


Quotable Lyrics

You don't know what you need until it's all gone

Fighting through disease, it makes us all one

This feeling in you soul you got to know

If I'm to fall out I go


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