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Alan Artin - Home to You

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Alan Artin is a DJ and record producer. The electronic music producer has been releasing music since 2019 with his first song featuring Raym titled "I Miss You". On January 7, 2022 Artin started the year with his song "Home to You".

Home to You is in the genre of house music, which is typically played in clubs and bars with a feel goo vibe regardless of the subject or theme. The song explores a story about someone realizing something about themselves. The song begins with someone who is feeling adventurous just to find out meeting someone changes everything. The song has soothing lead vocals with a smooth backing which shifts after the drop to a very energetic feel.


Quotable Lyrics

I couldn't wait til I got outside

Wondering what the world'd be like

Now I have to change my mind

Never realized it would happen oh so soon


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