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A-Homi - Amp'd Up/ 2Lit

A-Homi is a music recording artist from the United States. The New York hip hop drill songwriter and performer has been releasing music since 2019 with his album "Legends Never Die". On June 6, 2023 A-Homi released his song "Amp'd Up/ 2Lit".

Amp'd Up/ 2Lit is a lifestyle song. The song shows the audience a glimpse of who A-Homi is. In the track he portraits himself as an energized and motivated person. He notes how he locks himself in his house but also uses "locked" as locked in to what he's working on, presumably while everyone wastes their time doing activities that won't progress them forward.


Quotable Lyrics

I'm in the crib locked they can't leave

They wanna play 2k I got it in my jeans

You can't stop what's destined for me

This in my family its in my...


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