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Yung YuNo - Locked and Loaded

Yung YuNo is a music recording artist from the United States. The hip hop songwriter and performer has been releasing music since 2020 with his album "In the Moment". On June 9, 2023 Yung YuNo released his track titled "Locked and Loaded".

Locked and Loaded, produced by PROROK & Rob Tavaglione, is a song to inspire and to show aspirations. He speaks in the song about the work he puts into his craft and what he expects to get from the hard work. Along with the main subject he also speaks to his world around him working towards his goals such as his love life and his battles. This shows that he has to deal with more than just the fight for what he wants but also has to fight to stay focus with so much going on around him.


Quotable Lyrics

Locked up I’ve been in the studio I’m grinding

Chillin, with my baby girl my business minding

Platinum, that’s the status of me when you finding

Winning, money cars and jewelry I’m blinding


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