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Moonfall - Review

So I wanted to start with saying the initial teaser for this worked very well for what it needed to accomplish because I was on board as soon as I saw it. The official trailer did a better job of letting the viewer know what kind of movie this was. I'm not saying I wouldn't be interested had I known and maybe it's just me but I feel like given the lack of information presented in the teaser I thought this movie was going to be complete different.

Moon Fall is about a conspiracy proven to be correct. Without giving too much of the plot away the moon has shifted it orbit and starts moving towards the earth (I know, I know that information is given EVEN IN THE TEASER). It is up to our protagonists; Brian Harper, played by Patrick Wilson, Jocinda "Jo" Fowler, played by Halle Berry, and KC Houseman, played by John Bradley, to figure out whats causing the moon to be out of orbit and fix the situation before it's too late.

Me being a physics enthusiast, I saw the teaser and thought, "this is going to be interesting", and it was just after seeing the trailer I knew it wasn't the movie I thought it would be. I thought it would be more science and less fiction in the fiction and in these movies there is already an amount of disbelief that needs to be suspended but they really tacked on a lot more fiction towards the end. It sounds like this is a negative review and I apologize if it seems that way I genuinely like the movie from the beginning to the end. I really like how they had a few story arcs that meshed well together. The outcome of each arc not only depended on the main story but they depended on each others arcs as well. But just the science guy in me that kept saying..."hmm, would that happen like that?" I think the visual were great and I like the story but on a side note I saw something on YouTube that tied to this movie and I figured it be cool to add it and see what people thought.



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