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Melissa Harding - Holiday Lights

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Melissa Harding is a multitalented individual from the United States. She is a singer, song writer, and recording artist from Los Angeles, California who also does vocal coaching. Harding has been releasing music since 2013 with her album "Set Me Apart". For the holiday season Melissa Harding made a song called "Holiday Light".

On December 1, 2020 Melissa Harding releases her holiday song "Holiday Light". The song embodies the feeling of the holiday season with its soft soothing feel. The message is uplifting and unifying message about the holiday. She speaks about the healing factor of the season and mentions that even though some loved ones are not with us physically that they are here with us in spirit. The song is composed of a guitar, the shimmer of bells associated with Christmas, and Harding's back ground vocals. The dynamics of the composition truly brings out the feeling associated with the holidays and is unique to the more recognizable holiday songs.


Quotable Lyrics

I can live with these lights every night of the year

Bringing family close makes spirits bright

They help the shine, shine, shine

Remind us, make some time


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