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Melanie Ryan - Snowflakes Live @ RTV Utrecht (feat. Francesco Daniel)

Melanie Ryan is a music recording artist from Europe. The country singer and songwriter, from the Netherlands, has been releasing music since 2018 with her first song being "Since I Met You". On January 7, 2021 Melanie released her song titled "Snowflakes".

The release is a live version of the song recording from a show at RTV Utrecht, television and radio broadcaster in the Utrecht Province of the Netherlands. For the release, and performance, Melanie teams up with Francesco Daniel. The song is about the power something a small as a snowflake has. Both tell singers tell a story that sets a bleak tone then transition into how snowflakes could be the thing that changes their mood. Very few people can't look back at a time when they were happy seeing the snow or remember the generally good feeling seeing a fresh coat of snow gave them.



Quotable Lyrics

Snowflakes are cold, very small and not so bold

And don't seem like much on it's own

But it takes the pressure off our heavy hearts

It is healing for the broken parts


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