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Kaitlin Walker - So Am I

Kaitlin Walker is a music recording artist from the United States. Although this is her first commercial track, the Nashville country singer and songwriter has gained popularity from her songs she released on SoundCloud. On April 20, 2022 Kaitlin Walker released her song "So Am I"

So Am I is a feel good song about spending time with friends during a beautiful day. Walker does a great job detailing the scene. She and her friends are out on a boat drinking, smoking weed, relaxing, and just having a great time. She describes the day as sunny without a cloud in the sky and uses the sun's position to reference how high she is. Although she does a great job of painting a picture of this, the song song does leave the listener wishing there was a music video to go along with it because of her great imagery.


Quotable Lyrics

Its a good kind of day

things are rolling my way

I'm gonna catch a buzz, congregate

Laying out getting baked

Not a ray or cloud in the sky

Sun is high and so am I


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