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Jon Hope - Hands On the Clock (feat. J Stone)

Jon Hope is a music recording artist from the United States. The hip hop performer and song writer has been releasing music since 2015 with his album titled "A Guy Named Harry". On September 22, 2021 Jon released his song "Hands On the Clock" which featured the vocals from J Stone.

Hands On the Clock is about having a different mindset and work ethic. The chorus speaks directly to this as it references making big money and is a reminder that his work ethic is different. Hope, in the verses, notes how he was rejected by the record labels but it never bothered him and he never let it disrupt his determination as he doesn't need validation from others. He notes how he has progressed and he is now on the top and this can be tribute back to how he is willing to work hard for what he wants which is a recurring theme in the song.


Quotable Lyric

I break bread, hundred dollar bills

The hands on the clock say I'm on a different type of time


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