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Uncharted - Review

So let me start out by saying I am a HUGE fan of the Uncharted, I've played every game...except for the first *sigh* I came in the series when 3 came out and started from 2 and continued on. My favorite part of Uncharted and it seems fairly typical with most of the Naughty Dog top games; the story is written like a movie. I've noticed that Uncharted is a game that you can watch a walk through without playing and still feel satisfied; this is actually what I did for the first game after playing the 3rd game.

Okay enough about the game, I could talk about that for a long time, but we're here for the movie. So the movie tells the origins of the relationship between Nathan Drake (the protagonist of the games), played by Tom Holland and Victor Sullivan (also known as Sully), played by Mark Wahlberg. It's the typical treasure hunt, clues hidden in plain sight, plot the games follow. Sully gets Drake to help him on his quest to find Ferdinand Magellan's hidden treasure. While Drake and Sully search for the treasure they must contend with Santiago Moncada, played by Antonio Banderas, and his group of mercenaries. Santiago Moncada is a man who is believed to be a descendant of Magellan so he feels he is deserving of the treasure as an inheritance.

So regarding the movie, I really enjoyed it. I give this declaimer with all my reviews but I feel its only fair to make you aware; that I am known to be less critical of cinematic story telling. With that being said, I think they did the game justice and I loved how they followed the story telling format the games use. The movie really solidified Mark Wahlberg as a great actor for me. This is not meant to be an insult, I've enjoyed all of his films but I was slow to realizing this. Also with this realization, I also noticed the Mark Wahlberg works VERY well with all of his co-stars and I really don't think he gets the credit he deserves for this and his overall acting. For my part in that I apologize. My favorite part that the movie provided is my main critique on the game and those type of action games. "How many people do the protagonist have to kill before people stop attacking and just give up". I won't spoil anything but definitely check the movie out to see if we came to the same conclusion.

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