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The Cursed - Review

The Cursed is a movie written and directed by Sean Ellis which deals with the supernatural events that take place after a group of towns people murder a settlement of gypsies. The main character John McBride, played by Boyd Holbrook, tasked himself with helping the towns people with their situation.

The plot in a nutshell without spoiling is, A gypsy part of a gypsy settlement created cursed teeth knowing a group towns people were going to attempt to get them off the land that was rightfully owned by the gypsies. The towns people children found the where the curse really takes affect turning one of them into a beast, the movie give background on, that goes around attacking and killing its victims. Anyone who was wounded by the beast but was able to escape would eventually turn into a beast as well. John Mcbride, a pathologist, comes to town and offered his assistance tracking the beast. As time goes on we find about more about Mr. McBride and come to understand its not a coincidence Mr. McBride arrives in that specific town.


I came into this movie without any background, I saw the trailer and found it looking interesting. I enjoyed the movie. I didn't notice it was a werewolf although they did speak to the curse being a werewolf. After recapping the events and lore of the movie it does follow the general rules of werewolves. I liked how the werewolf they used is more surreal and less cartoonish. I say it because making a fictional creature that already is well known opens the door for a lot of goofy mistakes that can really derail a movie but this movie did a great job with making this fiction thing feel real and believable. I like the color tone they used to emphasized this bleak and grey mood of the movie. The movie does a great job capturing your attention, making you feel like you are in the period its set in, and you root for the characters hoping they are able to fix this issue, riding the town of the werewolves without killing the son (even though you already know he MUST survive because of the introduction to the story taking place in the future).


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