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O.G Teezy - Leave Me Alone

O.G Teezy is a music recording artist from the United States. The west coast hip hop performer and songwriter has been releasing music since 2021 with his single titled "9am In the West". On January 19, 2022 O.G Teezy released his song "Leave Me Alone".

Leave Me Alone is short track with a elevated foreground bass hits which gives a lot of energy to the song. It's a way for him to show how he prefers people to keep their distance as he can see the jealousy and envy through their act. It also acts as a warning where as in the verse he mentions how he was built for the issues, clearly insinuating that he's not provoking any problems but he can handle himself in difficult situations. He makes a point to mention how the industry isn't ready for someone like him, however he is destined to make it.


Quotable Lyrics

Told 'em to leave me alone

Cause I feel the hate from a distance

She know I'm bad to the bone

And she know I stick to the mission


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