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KeeySolid - Solid Reloaded

KeeySolid is a music recording artist from the United States. The hip hop performer and songwriter from Atlanta has been releasing music since 2021 with her track titled "Project Dreamz". On April 13, 2022 KeeySolid released her song "Solid Reloaded".

Solid Reloaded is a song where KeeySolid keeps it short and on point. She speaks about her life, experiences, and her ambitions. She speaks about how she plans on becoming a major music icon and how she understands the next generation looks up to her. She notes her talents and how she has come a long way from when she started. She uses the term "reload" in reference to reloading a firearm; when it is out of ammunition after reloading, it is ready again. She is reloaded meaning that she is ready for more.


Quotable Lyrics

I never hang 'round them, they all hang 'round me

I knew loyalty wasn't real, they once switched on me

I remember days in 'em trenches watching BET

Picturing me, like this somewhere I got to be


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