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Jon Harris - Great

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Jon Harris is a music recording artist from the United States. The New York rap performer and songwriter has been releasing music since 2018 with his first track titled "Big". On October 21, 2022 Jon released his song "Great".

Great is a song meant to flex. Harris says that it's been a while since he released music so he made this to show people he still has it. In typical Jon Harris fashion, he had something he wanted the listener to leave with; "he is working towards greatness and that's what separates him from his peers in hip hop music. He makes a lot of points in the song but it was by design, Jon said when he made the draft or foundation to the instrumental he felt this drum heavy beat demanded the writer make statements on it. That's why he comes off very assertive with his delivery. He starts off speaking on how he is one of a kind then pivots to differentiating himself from other up and coming rappers. The chorus speaks to what it takes to be great and what he's willing to do for greatness. Next he reflects on the state of hip hop music as a genre and the world.

The instrumental was mainly created by Harris. He said the core elements and the structure of the beat we all him, but he asked his long time friend Brayant to spice it up. Brayant provided the live recording of the guitar and a lot of the undertone sounds like the strings. "When I gave it to him the beat was great, no pun intended. When he gave it back it simply transcended into something truly special and that's always what I shoot for in my music, for it to be different and unique to my sound".



Quotable Lyrics

There's so much going on in this world sometimes it's hard to keep up

But I'm the bad guy for trying to speak up

Constantly telling me to shut up and stick to music (what?)

Well guess what bitch, now you gotta listen to it!

I refuse to be silenced, I used to be silent

Me dying from speaking up is a future I'm fine with


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