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J.Müller - B.A.W.N [Bad Ass Woman Now] (Official Music Video)

J.Müller is a South African born music recording artist from Europe. The London dance singer and songwriter has been releasing music since 2018 with her single titled "I Surrender I". She premiered the music video for her June 25, 2021 released track "B.A.W.N [Bad Ass Woman Now]".

B.A.W.N [Bad Ass Woman Now] is conversation to an ex after what seems to be a bad break up. J.Müller, unlike the typical break up song where the writer trashes the ex, takes a different approach. The song has a calm feel to it where she understands who she is. She doesn't need to show her insecurity by blaming the other person but masterfully puts the damage they caused on display. She tells a story of how she was approached with a fairytale future that ultimately did not come to fruition but she understands and wishes the best for them.

The music video, directed by erik barcant, premiered on August 26, 2020. The video has J.Müller alone on a walk pathing. It utilizes different angle shots along with a retro film effect to give the video its unique touch. There are many ways to visualize a "bad ass woman" but the music video is great with matching the song's soulful feel gives the impression of freedom.


Quotable Lyrics

I just want you to know

I think what we had was so fucked up

But I'm cool I hope you are too

I hope you can process the emotion and changes within


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