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IMONI - Hypnotized (Official Music Video)

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

IMONI is a music recording artist from Europe. The r&b/soul singer and songwriter from the United Kingdom has been releasing music since 2020 with her single "Energy". IMONI premiered the music video for her September 9, 2022 released song titled "Hypnotized".

The song is a song explaining her relation with her lovers. She ties to be straight forward with people but they don't believe her until they get hooked on her when she notes to them that she is bring something different. She questions why they get hypnotized.

The music video, directed by IMONI along with The BlackWorks, premiered on September 8, 2022; the day before the single was released. The music video has two main shots, them one is at night in a well lit tunnel painted blue and white resembling the traditional hypnosis spiral. The video visuals do a great job with its contrasts of dark atmosphere with the lit tunnel. The second shot is in darkness with lights with an orange hue which also contrasts the brightly light white and blue tunnel.


Quotable Lyrics

Told you I'm bringing something different

And you didn't want to listen

Didn't your momma tell you be grateful for what you're given

but I was raised right and now I've risen, taking my position


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