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Edgar Dickey - Who Gone Stop Me (Official Video)

Edgar Dickey is a music recording artist from the United States. The hip hop singer and songwriter from Atlanta has been releasing music since 2015 with his song titled "A Man's Mind". Dickey premieres the music video for his track "Who Gone Stop Me" on the same day the song was released.

Who Gone Stop Me, produced by Faided Beatz, is a song with a pretty straight forward concept; Edgar summarizes the song at the beginning. He opens the track noting he won't stop and that people pray for his good fortune to end. Throughout the song he mentions how he is world renowned and takes aim at his haters for being nobodies, which is presumably why they are mad at him. In the track he also mentions his successes with attracting women, especially his haters' women, and how he is the alpha in what he does which is something else the people who are jealous of him could envy about him.

The music video, Shot by Ghostown Visuals, premiered on May 13, 2022. The video has 2 main shots; the first of which is him sitting on a throne with a beautiful woman dancing around him. The second shot is him standing with his crew; they are shots of the others in the shot without Edgar as well.


Quotable Lyrics

I'm addicted to being famous, you're addicted to being nameless

See I rate myself a ten, cause all I do is win win win


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