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Eddie Yuma - Security Pt 2 (Official Music Video)

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Eddie Yuma is a music recording artist from the United States. The hip hop song writer and rapper has been releasing music since 2017 with the song titled "Security". On March 16, 2022 Eddie released the second installment to the Security series with part two and also released a music video with it.

Security pt 2 is a song made to show strength and determination. Eddie speaks to trying to get to a level of being recognized before he dies is a personal goal for him. He explains how he was made for the trials due to the person he has always been. He mentions how he will make things work for him even without the help from others.

The music video for Security Pt 2 premiered on the same day the song was released. It was directed by Momo Khan with Obscurus Film behind the production. The music video tells a story of someone trying to escape the place he's at. While someone is tracking him trying to brainwash him to assimilate him into society. The idea comes from the lyrics where Eddie expresses how he longs to go back to Havana where he still feels loved.


Quotable Lyrics

Family came from Cuba, so I found another home

Putting seeds up in the mud so we just had to let it grow


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