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Anthony Church - Interview

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Anthony Church is a music producer and podcast host from the United States. The Ohio native has been releasing music since 2020 with his "Life Test Vol. 1" EP and has been hosting the popular podcast The Proven Knowledge Podcast podcast since May 26, 2020. Mr. Church was generous enough to answer a few of our questions to show the world what a remarkable talent and person he is.


What is your name?

Anthony Church

Can you tell us a little back ground on what you do?

For sure! So I'm a music producer and podcast host from Northeast Ohio. I've been producing a little over 6 years now and work primarily with different independant artists from around the world. My podcast is called "The Proven Knowledge Podcast" and serves as a weekly Interview show where I get to discuss a lot of cool topics with my friends and collaborators in a kicked back environment!

Why did you choose your name? Why not go with something else?

I went with my birth name priamrily just to keep my music brand in line with who I am as a person. A stage name I felt would've separated my own unique personality from the songs I create which isn't my goal. I'd rather show people the real me through my art in every way possible and I felt keeping my name was a good start.

Okay so you do music and podcasting, which one do you prefer?

Still music just from the standpoint of being able to work on it when no one is watching.

Why do you prefer it?

No matter if I have anyone to work with or not I can always start my day off by working on a new song or idea wheras the podcast is more planned out and reliant on the guest participation.

Are the two close or you like one WAY better than the other?

They've become a lot closer as I've gotten more into podcasting and recording each week for the last 2 years. Podcasting helps serve as somewhat of a break from the music making so it has served me very well no doubt!

Lets talk music first...

What made you want to get into music?

For me it was just studying music specifically music production in high school and wanting to be a part of that world. I became fascinated with the process behind how songs from my favorite artists were made and the people who made them so it only felt right to give it a go myself.

So you are a music producer, do you also write?

I don't write or sing / rap but it's a skill that I admire and I give a lot of credit for the people who can and do it well.

Why not?

Unfortunately it isn't a strong suit of mine which I'm comfortable admitting. I feel I know where my comfort zone lies and what roll to play in a song to get the best out of it so it just so happens writing isn't in that mix for me.

Could you see yourself writing in the future?

Never say never but it's currently not in the cards.

What genre do you mainly do?

Primarily Hip-Hop and R&B

Are you open to doing other genres?

I defenitely am as long as I feel like I can contribute in the proper way and make the song better overall.

Which genres and why?

Probably Pop or Dance music. Nothing too mainstream but if I feel the direction and vibe is something that connects with me I feel confident I could make some cool and interesting ideas.

How long have you been making music?

6 years as of August.

Do you feel you had natural talent to grow from, do you feel making music came easy to you?

Not at all honestly lol. I took guitar lessons at a young age and gave it up quickly. Same with school choir, I quit mid way through high school so my music experiences all ended pretty abruptly. I think the main reason I never gave up on producing was my love and joy I found in it and also my maturity level to develop a real work ethic to make it happen.

Do you plan on making an album?

That is something I've put thought to in recent months and I absolutely want to do a concept album for myself in the coming years. I've already come up with a rough concept and story so while I'm not sure when that will happen I think it will be a project I do primarily for personal reasons even if there are collaborators involved.

Do you have plans to do shows like DJ producers?

Maybe one day! I know a good amount of producers who do live shows to showcase their own music as well as their other favorite artists through DJ sets and it is something that can benefit your brand and help grow your audience. Fingers crossed but hopefully I can do the same one day when the time is right!

Is there any one or artist that inspires you to make music?

Not one in particular but I'm inspired by everyone I listen to on a daily basis and my peers as well!

Can you explain your creative process?

My process is usually just sitting down at my computer and seeing what I can come up with. It's usually not very exciting but it's how a lot of ideas that I've gotten placed with different artists have come to be and I love the natural feeling of creating without forcing anything.

What software do you use to make your music?

I use a program called FL Studio that's been used by a lot of big name producers.

Do you play any instruments?

I do not but I'd love to learn piano and guitar soon.

How long does it typically take you to create one of your tracks?

I'd say around 45 minutes is the rough time for any normal track being made from scratch. Sometimes more and sometimes less but I'd say that's just part of the process.

Who would you like to collaborate with?

I'm always open to collaborating with anyone who I vibe with and shares my overall vision. Could be a big artist or someone who's never released a track as long as we share some good creative chemistry.

If you weren't pursuing music, what would you be pursuing?

Probably being a music writer. I was on the fence about triyng to work for a publication like XXL or Billboard after high school and was taking some writing classes already at the time. That would've still been invloved in the industry but just in a different way.

What is your favorite song you've worked on to date? And why?

I always think of one of the first tracks I did with a singer and producer named Cherry Luna called "Hold On". It was a track I co-produced with her for our collab EP and she wrote it primarily about a previous abusive relationship. It was such a powerful moment and message that a lot of people resonated with and It was a great reminder of the kind of impact you can mkae with your music on the everyday individual.

So you have a new single titled, "Coming For More". Can you give a little background on it?

Ya that was a track I worked on with The Artist 33 out of North Carolina. It's a real motivational and hungry record that he wrote around the beat. I loved the end result enough to self release it and it's a great example of the kind of music I enjoy the most especially in a Hip-Hop record with a lot of real substance and quality.

Have you worked with him before? And what's it like collaborating with him?

We connected through Instagram and I began sending him beats almost weekly. This was the first song we did and we've discussed doing a project together soon so hopefully that comes to fruition. He's a great MC and writer and I love that he mixes a lot of his own work as well. Big shoutout to him and everyone should go listen to his other works as well!

Was it your concept for the theme or you stuck to making the music and let him worry about the lyrics?

Ya he led the lyrical direction and really took it to the next level. I love letting the artist do what they do best and just lead them to where they're trying to go at the end of the day.

I heard the track, was there any inspiration for this track?

For the beat I can say it was just another instrumental but the beauty of producing is being able to take a simple idea and see it all the way through to the final product with your collaborators.

Did you have the finished beat in mind from the start or did you make changes a long the way?

That particualr one was completed before hand and I don't believe any adjustments were made.

Where can people hear your new song?

On all streaming platforms just search "Anthony Church & The Artist 336 - Coming For More"

As for the podcast...

When did you premiere your first episode?

In May of 2020 towards the start of the pandemic.

What made you want to start a podcast?

Just the amount of free time that I had and being inspired by other music interview shows that I found interesting.

What is the purpose of your podcast?

Mostly to connect the dots for other new and emerging artists and help them navigate their own situations in the right way by hearing different peoples stories and perspectives.

Is it just you or do you have other hosts as well?

Just myself as the main host

Who are some of the guest that appeared on your podcast?

Some notable names are Grammy winning mix engineer David Kim, award winning autohor and music industry veteran Paul Porter, and Medium Creative Agency co-founder Sabrina-Vaz Holder.

If you don't mind me asking, who was your favorite guest? And why?

Having the chance to speak with Kent M$ney was amazing since I've been listening to him since high school. That was really a full circle moment as a fan and I hope to get him back on the show real soon!

Was there anything a guest said that really resinated with you?

Off the top of my head I can't think of anything but every guest I've had has lended some wise words to the audience and they all give some great tips everytime!

What qualities do you feel make for a great guest on your show?

Someone who brings a great converation about music and life to the table and also can provide some insight and optimism for the listeners.

Without naming names, was there any interview that went bad or if a guest did something that irritated you?

Not really but if anything it probably went bad because of me lol. I felt in the beginning of the show I wasn't fully prepared and it was hard getting out of the gates but it's become much easier now that I have the hang of things.

What is your favorite topic to discuss on the podcast? Why?

I love getting to hear about where an artist got their start and what led them to pursuing a music career. It really shows you their connection and purpose behind what they do which is what it's all about at the end of the day.

If there was one guest you'd like on your show, who would it be? Why?

It would be great to talk with someone like DJ Dahi who's one of my favorite producers. I feel he is one of the more talented and inspiring individuals in music across the board and I feel we have the same kind of reserved personality so I feel the conversation would move along pretty well.

Now lets talk about you...

Aside from music and the podcast what do you like to do on your free time?

I enjoy going for walks, playing basketball, hanging out with my friends and watching sports as well. Really just enjoying life and getting that time to do other things to free my mind.

Do you find making music and the podcast is work? Or you enjoy doing them so much its not really?

I enjoy it so much it hardly feels like work even though I know it is and has been. It's all worth it though especially when the end result comes to pass each time.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Northeast Ohio

Would you describe your neighborhood as a small town or is it a city?

It's more of a small town with around 20,000 people in total

Do you like where you live or you'd prefer a change in scenery?

I'd eventually love a change of scenery just from having been here my entire life. At a certain point it's good to get out of your comfort zone and try new experiences so it's something I aim to do in the near future although I'm not sure where just yet.

Do you like traveling?

I do and I've travelled most of my life for family vacations and different events so it's something I always look forward to.

To where?

I've been all over the state of Florida with family having lived there before and same for some of Georgia. We've taken a ton of trips to the Carolina's too over the years. I've been to Los Angeles and Dallas in most recent years both which were great as well.

Where was your favorite trip? And why?

I'd say my senoir trip to California since it helped inspire me to begin m music journey.

What's your favorite food?

Has to be pizza

Any favorite toppings?

What would you say your biggest failure was and what did you learn from that experience?

My biggest failure was thinking I wasn't good enough in life when I was younger. Luckliy I have grown and gained more confidence to realize I have all of the power to change my situation and make something great out of life.

If you could be remembered for one thing, what would it be?

Hopefully just being genuine and real with people in as many ways as possible. Just staying authentic and true to who I am.

Besides what you do now, what would you say was your favorite job you had? Why?

None compare to this so I can't give them any shine lol.

What would you say was the worst job you had? Why?

I worked at a Dairy Queen for 3 days and it felt more like 3 years so we'll leave it at that lol.

What would you say is something people misunderstand about you most?

That I am always angry or upset about something since I usually don't appear happy in my expressions. I'm usually either just tired or in deep thought so it's never meant to come off the way it does to some people.

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

Being called a hard worker especially when it relates to what I do in music.

Is there an insult that you’ve received that you’re proud of?

Any insult is fuel to make me work harder so I'd say I'm proud of them all honestly.

If you could go back and give your 18-year-old self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Just be happy as much as you can and start surrounding yourself with more like-minded people.

Who would you say are the three most influential people in your life and how have they impacted you?

I'd say my brother and my friend and artist JayTrey. Don't really have a third but I'm really inspired in some way by everyone I come in contact with to some degree.

We love quotes here at LLOWtv, what is your favorite quote? Can you tell us a little bit of background on when you first heard it?

I always think of "Rome wasn't built in a day" refering to the Roman Empire buidling itself and expanding over many years. It's the same for your goals in life and you have to take your time and build it step by step which is a great reminder for anyone who has a dream or big plans for themselves.

What is the best advice you’ve been given?

Not to give up and just have faith that things will work out.

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

Just give anyone trying to pursue a career the proper resources and opportunities to have a career and sustain it.

What is one message you would give to your fans?

Be yourself, be genuine and pursue what you love no matter what people say.

Where can we find your music?

On all streaming platforms by searching "Anthony Church"

Where can we listen to your podcast?

On all podcast platforms by searching "The Proven Knowledge Podcast"



Music Links: Apple Music | Spotify

The Proven Knowledge Podcast : Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Instagram

Follow Anthony Church: Instagram | Youtube


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